“I’ve always loved storytelling and I love witnessing people create the stories that make up the moments of their lives, both big and small. Stories are at the heart of how I connect to people and understand their truth. I like to use photography to capture and preserve the story of your life that you are creating.”

I’ve spent the last 15+ years as a wildlife biologist, studying animals and their behaviours, watching for patterns and being intrigued by their interactions with each other. Through this work, I’ve had the opportunity to see so many amazing places, beautiful sunrises, amazing sunsets.  I often wished I’d had a good camera with me to capture those moments and scenes I’ll never forget. Out of the hundreds of pictures I took over the years, I have about 20 that really actually capture the beauty I had the privilege of seeing.

When I had my first babe, like most new parents, I wanted to document all the moments I had with him.  Like most new parents, I have about 1000 crappy iPhone photos:).  After the birth of my second babe, I became friends with our photographer and she changed my life. She encouraged me to pick up a decent quality used camera and to take an introduction class on how to use it. I have been hooked ever since.

My favourite things to photograph are kids being kids. Kids outside making up games, riding bikes, trying things, learning, fighting, crying, laughing, making messes.  I absolutely love their energy and think they are the most hilarious little creations.  I love how the feel so big. I love their expressions and the way they put their entire little bodies into everything they do.  I love how they view the world and love being able to hear their thoughts and stories.

My goal as a photographer is to capture kids being kids and families as they truly exist.  At meal times when siblings are arguing over who gets which plate, after school playing outside with the kids in the neighbourhood, making wonderful art, dressing up to go grocery shopping or getting ready for bed.  The moments that as a parent are frustrating, but yet are the little glimpses into the men and women these little people will become.